Tourists fan. When the rest season in China

begins Tourists fan. When the rest season in China

Excursions across China: acquaintance to the Tourist’s fan
Excursions across China can be continued in small and economically undeveloped small town the Tourist’s fan (Tulufan called by Chinese). In recent years not to find more popular vacation spot in China, is more exact in its Sintszyan-Uygursky part. The new status the city in many respects owes the inhabitants who not only have decorated its main streets and foot small streets with lanes with climbers, having turned them into shady green tunnels (to pleasure of tourists), well and could keep the ordinary way of life – a slow rhythm and ease of perception, so rare in modern China which has obeyed to dictatorship of economy.
The most part of inhabitants of the today’s Tourist’s fan – the Uyghur, and on the Chinese concepts, this small town – an ordinary remote place. But so was not always. Already at the time of a dynasty the Han-Turfansky oasis was printsipny пт on the Northern Silk way, and the cities of Tszyaokhe and, later, Gaochan (which ruins it is possible to visit, being in the Tourist’s fan) were the powerful and prospering centres of the power. During own travel to India Syuantszan has carried out here even more time, rather than planned – the local governor nearly against will detained him, wishing, that the monk has trained it in the philosophy. Later the same governor has taken in head to subordinate to own control the Silk way. Finally its kingdom in 640 g was absorbed by China. The period from IX to the XIII centuries for Gaochan was marked by splash in culture and education that in big degree was promoted by merge of radical Indo-European inhabitants and (yet not accepted Islam) the Uyghur. Only in the XIV century. turfansky Uyghur has addressed in Moslem.
Rest season in China: features of climate of the Tourist’s fan
The city is located in a hollow lying on 80 metres below sea-level that affects its climate – in the summer the temperature here rises above 40°С, and in the winter falls below zero therefore it is necessary to choose attentively a rest season in China. The dry summer heat so exhausts that the only thing that it is possible to do in such aspects – to sleep or drink soft drinks open-air in cafe, China is in these parts interesting also by historical sights. To calm the conscience it is possible a trip to ruins of the starenky cities and in Buddhist caves in vicinities of the Tourist’s fan – heritage of its historical past. The tourist’s fan – also is famous for the vineyards. At present it is not unimportant nearly what family in the city so or on another, it is involved in grape business – here all either grow up grapes, or dry it upon termination of cleaning (at the end of August passes the Grapes festival in the Tourist’s fan). Keep in mind that the Tourist’s fan – the city for summer holiday. Rest in China in October is still applicable for visit of the Tourist’s fan, and from November to March the city looks very cold and unattractive, and the most part of institutions of a food and leisure are closed. But possibility to examine neighbouring sights remains, and rest in China in absence during this time in the city of other tourists can please to someone.

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