Mysterious city of Cairo. Hard vacation spots for accustoming in Egypt

Mysterious city of Cairo. Hard vacation spots for accustoming in Egypt

In Cairo there is a lot of that it is possible to look (and first – it is simple not to behold) that you can spend here some weeks and only slip on a surface, carrying out your tourist rest in Egypt.

But all visitors to this city understand soon that they cannot remain here for a long time on a set of events. Overpopulation, climate and pollution of the environment do not allow it, well and cultural shock is very sensitive.

People in Egypt, unfamiliar with the Arab way of life, not enough that understand in surrounding, constantly coming – expect deception, well and kairets do not know everything in the city. Bad aspects of life most of all affect on newly arrived because the greatest tension is done by directly main tourist objects or other vacation spots in Egypt.

Day in Khan el-Halili market can seem a practical course on opposition to irritating dealers and ability not to give a baksheesh. But usually kairets look the most friendly and very spiritual people. They should be such to live under intolerable pressure of events, without blowing up. Their cunning reason and an insight do claims and reserve powerless, their ingenuity helps to take out awful living conditions. When you start to consider moderately it, Cairo to you becomes perfect other, even more attractive place.

Quickly the ordered rounds to Egypt from Odessa adapt for Cairo.