A little stories of Egypt. A mystery of history – people of old Egypt

A little stories of Egypt. A mystery of history - people of old Egypt

50 million years ago the Arabian plate has broken away from the African continent, having torn off the peninsula Sinai from the continent, and the Red Sea has filled this break.

Hot springs at the bottom testify that the tectonic movements which have created Sinai, still operate – the Suez Canal extends on 7, 5 cm every year.

The climate has changed Egypt. During prehistoric times the climate was less droughty, and on Sinai herds of gazelles which people of old Egypt caught already at the time of the Stone Age were found.

In a bronze age tribes of Semites from Mesopotamia the first have started to develop deposits of copper ore and turquoise in Sinai, before peninsula colonisation by Pharaohs of the 3rd dynasty which have struck Semites and have forced to work at mines and to construct roads and strengthenings.

According to the Egyptian mythology directly on Sinai Isida found Osiris’s broken-off body that has forced to seem Osiris’s cult in Ancient Egypt; the goddess Hatkhor also associated with this region, it called «Our queen of Sinai». The board of Pharaohs proceeded before invasion гиксосов – "tsars-shepherds" whom than centuries until Yakhmos of I has not forced out them possessed northern Egypt more and, eventually, has not destroyed their last bastion in Gaza. Later on this way of Tutmos of III and Ramses II have intruded in Palestine and Syria. Spend New Year in Egypt if you love ancient history and warm climate, surely there it will be pleasant to you.

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