Gulf coast. The most popular hotels of Egypt are in Sharm el-Sheikh

Closer to own South country Sinai towers moderately and narrowed; fasny mountains meet gold dust and the deepest blue sea along 2 coast of the gulf that allows to diversify types of tourism in Egypt. Even the Gulf of Suez as E.M. Forester has seen, looks invitingly from the sea – «a graceful channel between bright mountains of sparkling water» – the truth, at present, after will darken, it is more similar to a hell because of flame pillars on oil derricks. Travel to Egypt should not come to an end on Sinai. For the majority of travellers, but, Sinai – only a prelude in front of the Gulf of Akaba where thanks to unusual coral reeves and tropical fishes there was a large quantity of resorts and the most popular hotels of Egypt. Here the most picturesque beaches of Egypt and when water entertainments will bore you – if such can happen, – you can make travel to the internal area on a jeep or a camel. Even from a beach the view of Mountains Sinai and Saudi Arabia is amazing.

Rounds to Egypt, Tomsk and other cities have the airports, from where it is possible to go direct flight to rest.