Travel to Yansho. The main ornament of a table – the Chinese fruit and vegetables. The prices for excursions have fallen in China

Travel to Yansho. The main ornament of a table - the Chinese fruit and vegetables. The prices for excursions have fallen in China

Yansho’s natural sights
You will not find here the best hotels of China and sights in Yansho a little – before emergence here tourists it was the modest district trading settlement, but picturesqueness and charm of the district submit all guests. To the West from Detsuytsza (Diecui Jie) Yansho’s park where it is very pleasant to walk in the summer lies. Invariable planning and beautiful views of the village from the pavilions standing on the central platform, entertain comer everyone here. On the contrary, between the highway and the river, the peak the Green Lotus largest in this zone has squeezed. To its top the path which is branching off from the highway slightly to the east of post office conducts. Lifting on it on peak will demand efforts. Surely before a campaign learn, what weather in China and regions. Other, easier track involving besides brighter types, begins behind the market and Pantaoshanya conducts to top. It is possible and is simple to pass from Yansho up on a current kilometre or two and to choose any of the paths running on slopes of other peaks through a dense underbrush and by peaked, removed rocky ledges – the truth, a way to top of the attracted peak and here it will appear hard, and places even risky. So it is better not to go on walk alone. The prices for excursions in China in Yansho relatively not high, and at desire you always presume to yourselves outdoor activities.
The Chinese products and products in city shops
Presence of tourists has not changed radically daily way of locals, hours wandering on the rural market in search of various utensils. It is possible to carry out cheap rest in China and to take pleasure in tastes of the Chinese products. Here it is possible to get rabbits and pheasants, the fresh and dried mushrooms, also being pricked water hedgehogs with kernels inside, reminding the Brazilian nutlets. Trading counters burst with a game, the Chinese vegetables and fruit in wealth, in the winter here it is possible to get the shaking has rumpled, nuts and mushrooms. In particular quickly trade goes here in the market days falling on calendar dates, coming to an end on 3, 6 or 9. The market is very picturesque, though foreigners prefer to reserve means for visit of the shops located around to Sitsza. In little shops on Sitsza the Chinese creation of all country is presented: silk jackets and vests with T-shaped, outer clothing and design models at absurdly low prices, CD – and DVD disks, ethnic fabrics, pictures in modern and traditional styles of work of guylinsky students, sticks and inimitable carved wood screens, printing forms and grotesque theatrical masks. Coins and nephrite, however, the counterfeit. As well as in other cities and the villages of China – buy those things that it will be pleasant to you. Be not seduced with a rare type of a product – under layers of a careful make-up practically most real "pseudo-antiquities" always disappear. The friendly bargaining is welcomed – it is possible to achieve a discount in a third of the price requested at first. Do not do purchases when moor a vessel from Guilin – if you do not wish to pay for a thing in 5 times more, than it costs actually.
The cheap rest combined with training
Some travellers receive cheap rounds to China and are late in Yansho for some weeks – the matter is that not local beauty or shops. This village – a usual window in an inner world of exotic Chinese culture. There you can receive lessons of painting, a calligraphy, languages, cookeries, massage and many other subjects – information on courses at present can be gathered in local cafes. Having combined business with pleasure it is possible to carry out the best rest in China. In Yansho «The school of martial arts of Budichzhen» operated by unruly 80-year-old master Gao and his 2 descendants preaching unique style of fight, combining Shaolin and udansky elements the technician of a kung fu works also fine. Gao’s sons say in English. To be trained in martial arts, under control of zabugorny and Chinese instructors it is possible for yoga and meditation and in the Uvey centre settled down in very bright place.

Airlines offer flight by everything wishing to carry out rest in China from Vladivostok.