Practical advice. We use for rest аква transport in China

Practical advice. We use for rest аква transport in China

Chungking – an informative route across China

Chungking – the route most popular in tourists across China and point of departure to two-day cruising travel through Three Gorges to Ichang, from which to Wuhan all day of travelling. The same route can be made, floating up on a current, but will occupy such travel on time to the widow more though the dam can change everything. Of small towns and settlements on the river it is possible to reach many also on the road from Chungking so always there is a possibility to reduce duration of river round, having sat down on the ferry on the way. Before tourists it is necessary – to float a choice or on comparably cheap passenger ferry doing frequent stops on the way for a podsadka of passengers, or on the magnificent cruising vessel doing stops only in the tourist centres. Many are set by questions it seems how many there is a rest in China? Cruise cost from Chungking to Ichang and Wuhan, also practical data concerning purchase of tickets, both for ferries, and on cruising vessels, are given in the section «Travel from Chungking».

Akwa transport in China

On what and when it is better to go to China? Passenger ferries are always filled by people, and they very ringing. Conditions vary from double cabins of the first class with separate bathrooms and three-local or four-seater cabins with the combined bathrooms to places in 12-and 24-seater cabins or on mats on a floor. It is not necessary to wait here for luxury – even a cabin of the first class very small and simple. If you are going to sit down on the ferry on the way, keep in mind that they arrive from time to time to a place just right, it is better to come to pier as early as possible. Having appeared onboard, hasten in an office on the average deck where available places are distributed. Foreigners, usually, prefer cabins of the first class but if adventurism and to liking adventures is inherent in you – agree on a mat and to a descent go on a lower deck to win a burning place on a floor in the thick of bodies, bags and slush long before departure of the ferry and to behold the main sights of China. Usually the ferries which have been switched on in the most widespread means of transport in China, from Chungking go to swimming at a dawn, but the number of evening flights recently grows to swim up to Three Small Gorges in the afternoon the day before yesterday. We do not advise to you to take tickets for the ferries leaving between 10. 00 and 12. 00. It not the best time of rest in China. They float the 1st gorge very much early, and the third – very late that you could estimate beauty of these places wholly. Akwa of transport in China that that, all ferries come on the way into all ports, and some stand in them even more long than the ordinary. The schedule can be corrected, and you can pass a number of interesting sights. At each stop time of departure of the ferry appears in Chinese – earlier, than to descend on the coast, make sure that you have correctly thought the announcement. The general toilets quickly become zapyatanny, and a food on the ferry though available, but very modest and it is offered to passengers only at certain o’clock – 07. 00, 10. 00 and 18. 00. Coupons on a food are on sale in an office on the average deck. Take with itself to the road more snack, and in the winter and warm things.

Transport of China

Transport of China is not always comfortable. As the candidate to passenger ferries the comfortable cruising vessels corresponding to five-stars standards act. Cabins on them very comfortable and perfectly equipped; viewing decks are glazed. There are game rooms and the real restaurants. During the high season they are reserved usually by tourist groups; during other time you can receive a cabin shortly before departure and even to achieve a discount.

Rounds to China from Petersburg became available – use it as possibility it is interesting to have a rest!