City of Bergen. Practical data.

City of Bergen. Practical data.

City of Bergen.

Can absolutely be that you at first will arrive to ringing international port Bergen. The international vessels moor on Skoltegrunnskaien Embankment near Bergenhus fortress, on East side of harbour; internal vessels are moored on the back at Strandkaiterminalen. The station with autostation there are on Stromgaten, 5 minutes of walking to the East from harbour. The airport is located in 20 km to the South from the city and connected with autostation invariable bus service of flybussen (pn-pt and вс 5. 00-21. 00, сб 5. 00-16. 00, each 15-20 minutes, 45 mines. 60 kroner). In the city also there is the southern pier for vessels of the coastal message of Hurtigrute which sail away from Frieleneskaien Embankment behind institute, approximately to 1, 5 km to the South from the station.

Tourist’s bureau.

The tourist’s bureau is in several metres from harbour, Vagsallmenning 1 (May and сент. ежедн. 9. 00-20. 00; June-avg. ежедн. 8. 30-22. 00; окт. – the Agrarian Party of Russia., pn-sb 9. 00-16. 00; 55 55 20 00). Here it is possible to receive free directories on Bergen Guide city, also to get the transport map of Bergen (170 and 250 kroner respectively on one and two days), granting the right to journey in all city buses and on free (or at a discount) visit of the majority of city sights (including excursions).


To find housing it is not heavy. Together with following hotels in the city there is a lot of personal housing, to order it it is possible in tourist’s bureau. In Bergen there are cool restaurants around Bryuggen, specialising on seafood. Less expensive and more prestigious city cafes and restaurants which often work as brisk bars. Some best of them are located to the southwest from a main square of Ole Bulls. At an annual international bergensky festival music, dance, folklore and the drama are widely presented. It passes in the end of May within 12 days, to a descent the prestigious international festival of the jazz Nattjazz will be organised. To visit Bergen it is possible having used round to Norway.