Sinai in the XX century. The resorts of Egypt for real house rest

Sinai in the XX century. The resorts of Egypt for real house rest

The resorts of Egypt under the influence of global powers in the XX century

The strategic importance of Sinai has increased after the completion of construction of the Suez Canal, and in 1892 Britain has compelled Turkey to recognise it as a buffer zone. Supported by Germany, Turkey has grasped it again in 1914 g.

Having cleared for roads and water supply systems along the northern coast and on the internal district. The Anglo-Egyptian armies could push aside a little only the Turk. Egypt in world economy lost any positions. During the 2nd world war Sinai witnessed malekhanky fights, but change of borders of Israel has returned this district again on a front line. In 1948 Israelis have reflected attacks of Arabs from all directions and have grasped the Gaza Strip and El-Arish before the truce has been signed, and have taken away armies only under English pressure. Having closed the Gulf of Akaba for pass of the Israeli vessels and having nationalised the Suez Canal, the president of Egypt Naser has reduced together English and Israeli interests.

The Israeli military acts in Sinai

The Israeli coming to Sinai in October, 1956 was the co-ordinated pretext for the Anglo-French intervention in Suez decline; though in military sense it there was the successful operation, three countries should recognise defeat under the pressure of the international intervention, peacekeeping forces of the United Nations have settled down in a buffer zone in Gaza and guaranteed an easy access through the Gulf of Akaba. But further the Arab-Israeli wars were inevitable. Business in Egypt could not exist and when he has forced the United Nations to leave the district of the country and has renewed blockade in 1967, Israel has struck a pre-emptive strike to a number of the Arab countries, has grasped all peninsula and gained it after Six-day war, having strengthened the Bar Lev line along east coast of the Suez rope. In war of "Doomsday" of 1973 the Egyptian armies have broken to Sinai, but have met strong counterattack via the channel. Hotels of Egypt on all coast have been closed or destroyed.

Ten years’ truce of 2 countries

The peace talks the USA were which curator, have come to the end during historical visit of president Sadat to Jerusalem, Campdavid agreements and the peace treaty have led to an exception of Egypt for a decade from League of the Arab countries. House rest in Egypt was not possible. In turn Israel evacuated all settlements which have arisen during occupation of Sinai, and the district have returned to Egypt; stage-by-stage moving has come to the end in 1982, not including Tab’s disputable enclave which discrepancy was resolved in 1989. The international military observers (MFO) who are based in Naama-Bey made monitoring of the demilitarised zones in Sinai from outposts with the orange flags, located round the peninsula. All Egypt, which map of the country was exposed more than once to changes, resisted to world powers. To the tourism introduced to Sinai by Israelis, first has been harmed by transfer to its Egypt as Campdavid agreements forbade any development and construction on this district within 5 years.

Political life of Sinai after

But since 1988 the calm was replaced by feverish activity: on the coast of Aqaba where once there were only 5 hotels, at present more than 150, and are under construction still. While regions of Races Mohammeds, Abu Galum and Nabk the status of the natural reserves, all coastline to the North from Nuveyby have and from Sharm el-Sheikh to municipal park Nabk is built densely up. In connection with the plans to expand construction of hotels deep into deserts and to establish direct charter flights from Europe to Sharm el-Sheikh time when Sinai remains the desert district, it can be found. Variable character of Middle Eastern politicians, but, means that tourism along the Sinai coast is unreliable business. Since 2000, since the beginning of the Palestinian intifada, rest in Egypt from Israel has decreased actually to a full stop, and terrorist attacks in Tab have even more worsened a situation. While the resorts of Egypt in Sharm el-Sheikh remain filled, plans for «Krasnomorsky Riviera» – including the Taboo, Eilat in Israel and Aqaba in Jordan – have been postponed; the airport in Tab at present is used from time to time, and tourist recreation facilities along the coast around Nuveyby a zlypy part are empty. In particular it concerns parking of bedouins in Tarabin which are actually completely deprived of life.

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