Coast of the Dark sea. East part of the Black Sea coast of Turkey. Trabzon. Restaurants. Restaurants of Turkey, including fish, in Trabzon

In the centre of Trabzon unlimited quantity of places where it is possible to have a bite in your rounds in Turkey, generally not bad among which the cool meet even. Not including listed below, you will not find other pubs in this limited city, as well as — that is magnificent for port — fish restaurants in Turkey. On North side of Atatiirk A1ash there is almost continuous train of restaurants which generally serve tourists in Turkey, but many of them do not deserve your attention. In the majority of them is, on the last measure, some desserts of Hemsin confectionery, but we advise to you to visit special institutions to what submit only sweets.

Tastefully have a bite in Trabzon the ordered rounds to Turkey from Minsk can.