North Central Anatoli. Ankara. City transport. The underground of Turkey – one of types of public transport in the capital of Turkey

North Central Anatoli. Ankara. City transport. The underground of Turkey - one of types of public transport in the capital of Turkey

Capital of Turkey, bus routes
Transport in Turkey. Buses go on all length of Ataturk Bulvan from Ulus Meydana Square to the area Kyzylay, and late follow or on the tunnel to Maltep, or through Kavaklydera in Chankayu. The destination is specified ahead of the bus. The most suitable route — No. 391 which follows on all Ataturk Bulvan from Ulus Meydam to shopping centre Atakule in Chankaye. The most part of buses of white-dark blue colour city, but is also routes which serve the personal companies. If вырешили to spend holidays in Turkey, for journey on the capital of Turkey by city buses you buy in advance the ticket of EGO which when landing insert into the green device at a forward door near the driver. Tickets of EGO are on sale in booths near the main bus stops, at metro stations and in some newsstands. Have gathered to travel to Turkey, can happen so that you will sit down on the personal bus (usually they look worn more out). Then you should pay in cash to the conductor who sits to the left of an entrance. Routes of personal buses are crossed with routes of city transport, and the price in their same (usually one trip manages in 1, 25YTL).
The underground in Turkey, in Ankara
Councils to tourists in Turkey. In the city there are two strips of the underground with modern stations and invariable, with malekhanky intervals, movement of trains which comes to an end about 22. 30. One line is called as "Apkagau" ("Ankara") or LRT (the easy underground). It goes from located in Ashti отогара to east suburb Dikimevi. Around Kyzylay it incorporates to the 2nd line which is called simply as the underground. Here under Guven Parki (Gyuven Parky) the big transfer station settles down. The underground in Turkey, in Ankara goes to the North from Kyzylaya to Sykhkhye, Ulus, and later — to the northwest suburb of Ankara Batikent. EGO tickets for both lines (1. 25YTL) which need to be inserted into turnstiles, sell in booths at stations. Without considering tickets it is possible to get one of 10 EGO standard electronic cards on 10 trips (12YTL) which are valid both for both lines of the underground, and for buses. To get on road service station of Asti (Ashti), sit down on one of buses with an inscription of "Yeni Garaj", «Yeni Otogar», «Terminal» or «Asti» which depart from a final stop of minibuses in 300 m to the southwest from Ulus Meu-daniam; the line of the underground "Ankara" goes to Ashti from Kyzylaya. The taxi in Turkey, in Ankara is a lot of, and they can be caught anywhere. Small cost of a taxi is equal in Turkey to $1 (from midnight to the 6th morning — twice more). The trip from Ulus to Kavaklydera will cost to you $4.

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