The map of the Mediterranean coast Turtsii:ot Finike to the Olympus

The map of the Mediterranean coast of Turkey will show you that from Date the road directs to the East by a beach, and late turns on 90 degrees and the unattractive trading city goes to Kumludzhu, surprisingly. Here it is necessary to call in only if you have caught the permit to Turkey in January, after all at this time there passes camel fight. For Kumludzhey Highway 400 turns in Beydaglara’s municipal park where the mountains which have grown with the pine woods alternate with naked rocks. In mouths of gorges two most innocent resorts of Lycia, Adrasan (Adrasan) and the Olympus / Chiraly (Olympos/Cirali), where one of the best beaches of Turkey here have got lost. If you go here by the car, use councils to tourists in Turkey – go not on the trunk main, and on the narrow minor road «Veukopak, Mavikent» which begins at Kumludzhi’s east end. This small, but the exciting piece of a way passes on the plain which has grown with the wood, along fantastically charming shore and bright Likiyskaya road going parallel to it to Kavush (Cavus), the next village to Adrasan and the Olympus, and after and to Gelidony Burn (Gelidonya Burnu) with its beacon. But moving on it, it is necessary not to forget to turn on it is left (on the North) at a crossroads with a road sign at Karayoz (Karaoz), the village located in the last before Gelidony Burn the gulf.

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