Turquoise coast. Olympus coast. Olympus ruins, an independent trip to Turkey also that the inhabitant of Turkey

forbids Turquoise coast. Olympus coast. Olympus ruins, an independent trip to Turkey also that the inhabitant of Turkey

The independent trip to Turkey and how to reach the Olympus
If you has decided to execute an independent trip to Turkey, this information will appear to you useful. From the highway 400 to Olympus ruins (it is open ежедн., Agrarian Party of Russia. – окт., 8. 00-19. 00; нояб. – March, 9. 00-17. 30; 2YTL) it is possible to reach 2 methods. Certain from them conducts deep into a land from the southern end of the access road, the 2nd (where, on hearings, watchmen are not so cruel) is in 15 mines of walking on the South on a beach from Chirala. As well as in Patara, night "raids" to ruins are forbidden. This potentially idyllic place is located on grown with oleanders and fig trees the river banks, streaming between rocks. It was natural sights of Turkey, but in the last decade the tourists, remaining to spend the night on the district of ruins (that the posters hanged at an entrance and inhabitants of Turkey strictly forbid) so have littered them with that tourists receive in Turkey that water in the river became muddy, and water turtles, ducks and the frogs who were found here in wealth, were gone.
Inhabitants of Turkey also that they forbid
Standing alone ruins last along the boggy northern river bank which does not dry in an extent of all summer because of the 3rd fresh-water springs beating from under the earth near to the sea. The trip to Turkey can be begun from here. the 1st that you here will see — these are the numerous remains of the Byzantian and Genoa strengthenings which tower over a beach on each rocky site of the coast at height of 20-30 m. The fort basis on the northern coast has simply known likiysky «coastal tombs». On certain from them there is the touching inscription to the captain translated once for guests. Here pilgrim trips to Turkey from time to time are made. Further, on the left coast, there are separate sites of a wall of the embankment and warehouse with an arcade; in the same place, but to the east, there are ruins of the Byzantian church, and in the river there are perfectly remained support of the disappeared bridge. The overgrown theatre is behind located, the most which part of seats was gone. The most noteworthy ruins are on the northern river bank. On a hill, to the East from a track conducting to a beach there is perfectly remained marble door gleam of any stone structure. About it there is a pedestal of the sculpture devoted to Mark Avrely of 172-175 AD. To the East the mausoleum and the Byzantian aqueduct on which water arrived to the heart of the city disappear from a portal the Byzantian country house with inlaid floors. The aqueduct is laid over one of mentioned above springs. To a country house it is necessary to go up on a current of this stream by the mausoleum. Though the track also is lost in rough vegetation behind a portal, the aqueduct will serve you as the main reference point. In these parts there are hotels of Turkey for stable rest, and as hotels for youth in Turkey.

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