Diving on Hurghada. Its wealth and study. Safety of tourists – pledge of good rest in Egypt

Diving on Hurghada. Its wealth and study. Safety of tourists - pledge of good rest in Egypt

Where to go to Egypt on courses on diving?

Having chosen rounds to Egypt visit the Red Sea where to you will offer the best places for diving and a snorkling (swimmings with a tube and a mask) in the world, available to the majority of tourists on the prices much more smaller, than trip cost to Seychelles or to the Big barrier reef. To the majority of places for diving, it is simple to reach, and they are rather protected from strong winds and currents; all this does them popular among who a brief experience or does not have it absolutely. And solving a question where to go to Egypt, to dive, consider the abilities. This available place where it is possible to learn diving in the high sea and to receive certificates of PADI, BSAC or CMAS, granting to you the right to dive in any place of the world (NAUII, or MDEA not so widely are accepted by SSI); many come to Sinai to receive certificates on one of a set of available courses. Diving is very popular in Egypt. The 1st step is five-day open-water (OW) courses, cost of 300 euros / 400 dollars (plus of 30-35 euros or 40 dollars or 30 euros for the certificate). The most part of the centres offer controllable preliminary immersion (50 euros or 65 dollars) for those who hesitates. Skilled divers can be improved and receive certificates of courses of diving of OW of the advanced type, also the specialist and the instructor in diving and to pass the specialist courses on rescue under water, to night immersions or immersions to sunken vessels (the truth, few of them are available).

How to choose diving the centre.

At a dayv-centre choice qualification of the instructor and an equipment condition for immersion should be the main nuance. Language misunderstanding can be dangerous, so try to find the instructor who perfectly speaks in your language. Ask to show the document proving that it or it has the corresponding qualification to teach on courses (PADI, BSAC or though what another). Though the centres which offer the best hotels of Egypt, more safely, than the companies which are available without the aid of others, give more attention to equipment, instead of accuracy of a room. If instructors carelessly treat the "equipment" suitable for diving, most likely that it is not in good repair. Also pay attention to the location of the compressor used for filling of tanks with air: you will breathe exhausts under water, whether if the compressor is near the road other source of pollution. Consult to people around and later address in those dayv-centres which work most long and have other communications with the organisations, such as PADI. Whether there will be a safe rest in Egypt, depends only on you. If you are interested in diving, remember that without good trainings of safe immersion will not be. Generally, the most part of the dayv-centres in Sharm el-Sheikh of high level. In Dakhab, however, adhere to the accepted rules less, and competition between the dayv-centres is enough exasperation therefore some divers try to choose the cheapest option simply.

Types of diving.

Types of tourism in Egypt are various also one of the most favourite – diving. The most popular for divers in Dakhab a place – the Blue hole – absolutely is not suitable for inexperienced divers, it carries away some lives in a year. Keep in mind, if you have a certificate, but you did not plunge never for the last three months, bezotstupno we recommend to make «control immersion» as preparation before going to the high sea. The type of diving and demanded level of preparation generally are defined by underwater topography and currents. Round Sharm el-Sheikh where the best beaches of Egypt, the basic is boat diving (you plunge into the sea far from the coast), these places arrange both beginners, and professional divers. Up on the coast by Dakhab and Nuveyby you can be engaged in coastal diving (it when you go вброд or swim up to reeves from the coast). Some it is weakened go down on a bottom inclination, others in a flash fall down; the hollow is deeper, the richness of corals and fishes is richer. In cruises lasting many days it is possible to spend some days or weeks to the sea on vessels (also called safaris boats), plying between usual places for diving and sites with the sunk ships in the north of the Red Sea, about Races Mohammeds and the passage Tyrant or at the reeves located yuzhny beyond Hurghada. During the stable periods it is possible to agree about travel directly on a vessel, on pier or through the dayv-centre, but just in case, naturally, it is best of all to do the order in advance through the agent. If you plan to be engaged for a long time in it, to acquire own equipment in Cairo or Israel cheaper, than to hire in shops for divers on Sinai (besides you can simply embody it before departure). You should go only on the planned "corridors" created for protection of corals – if will be very small to float over them, not including that, coral reeves and being pricked sea hedgehogs can unstitch unprotected feet. The temperature in the resorts of Egypt rather high, but in water can seem to you enough cool, but, despite it, you can simply get solar burns (water increases ultraviolet action) therefore we advise to you ashore not to remove a T-shirt and to use not bad waterproof sun-protection means.

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