Дунбэй Changchun and Girin. Girin – the centre of the Chinese production. All railways of China from where begin?

Дунбэй Changchun and Girin. Girin - the centre of the Chinese production. All railways of China from where begin?

Smithy of the Chinese production
The province Girin cities more, than all other cities of China, have suffered from Japanese and Russian and more others have tested disastrous influence of policy of planning of the Chinese communists. Interest to the province has been predetermined by its extensive mineral resources, stocks of coal and the metal ore which development has turned this region into a network of huge industrial hubs and for 13 years – in the centre of the government of Manchzhougo which tried to lift the Chinese creation on nevidanno high level. Closing of city factories and plants has poured out in liberation of thousands working hands that has resulted in mass unemployment.
Railways of China and flow of tourists
Nevertheless affairs in the modern province Girin are not and it is bad – the fashion on ecological tourism in China grows every year. Having counted on this direction, the government has made a number of cardinal steps – and is concrete, the network of a car of highways already is now improved, the railways of China perfectly work, the unlimited number of the hotels aimed at reception of foreigners is constructed. The unique climate of the province Girin involves fans of ski and sled sports with iridescent prospect of cheap outdoor activities. All these taken measures surprisingly quickly yield the positive results – more and more tourists from all corners of the world prefer to carry out the rest in China.
Unfamiliar sights of China: Chan-bayshan
Both at local, and at South Korean tourists the Natural reserve Chan-bayshan in the Far East provinces, along border with Democratic People’s Republic of Korea uses great popularity. The natural complex of mountains and the woods fascinates guests landscapes grasping spirit. Comfortable starting пт for travel to the reserve Girin serves. The pleasant small town in what it is very heavy to find a hint on classical or religious sights of China, after all can interest guests in ample opportunities for winter sports. Lying approximately in 90 km to the West Changchun, Manchzhou-Guo’s former capital, at present carries the status of the provincial capital. In the city many surprisingly beautiful buildings of times of the Empire with which the architecture of China as a whole is so rich have remained. Traces of unique planning of those times are still guessed in direct boulevards and the areas.
We travel to China without the aid of others. Cultural heritage of Girin
But neither winter tourism, nor the best hotels of China will not be compared to a special cultural heritage. The province Girin is famous for that directly here has developed эржэньчжуань. It is a special theatrical form, more approximate to the vaudeville, rather than the Beijing opera, and combining dance, singing and juggling with monologues. The Effektnost of action is supported with frequent change of suits that surely does not leave indifferent neither adults, nor children if you intend to make family travel to China. The ordinary plot executed of quite good humour is under construction on scenes of courting and love which are played by the man and the lady. Videos of performances are on sale in local shops, and through CITS you can get on live representation with transfer. It is possible to get to theatre and without the aid of others – its site to you will specify though what taxi driver or the passerby so it is possible to go to travel to China without the aid of others. Thanks to sympathetic Chinese, you do not risk to be lost.

About how it is more convenient to make round to China from Yekaterinburg and to behold the province Girim, it is possible to learn on site pages.