Дунбэй Changchun. The tragedy of the person – live sight of China. Heritage of culture and traditions of China

Дунбэй Changchun. The tragedy of the person - live sight of China. Heritage of culture and traditions of China

Great monument of culture and art of China in small Changchun
The small town of Changchun is widely known in many countries thanks to one unique sight of China – the Palace of governor Pu And (ежедн.; 09. 00-17. 00; CNY 40), located in east part of the city. From the station to a palace buses No. 10, No. 125, No. 264 and No. 268 go.
Hostage of culture and traditions of China
In 1912 at the age of 8 years Pu Also has inherited an imperial throne in Beijing at will of deceased empress Cixi. In spite of the fact that the same year he should abdicate under the pressure of the republican government, Pu And has reserved all regal privileges and continued to live – as a live anachronism, live sight – in the Illegal city. Behind its walls raged XX century, the young republic built democracy, and Pu’s life And, limited to court ritual, resembled a surrealistic utopia. Really, the history of China during new time of revolutions is very inconsistent! In 1924 Pu And, turned out of the Illegal city nationalists, has been taken under a patronage by the Japanese who have made his puppet governor Manchzhou-go, justifying thus legitimacy of own sovereignty. After war communists have decided to "re-educate" Pu And, and he has lived the last years of the life the gardener, unusually uniting everything what the culture of both countries – culture of China and the rising sun Country is similar. The destiny it in the brilliant film «Last emperor» was recreated by Bernardo Bertolucci. In many respects thanks to this film at present even the cheapest rounds to China surely include the small town of Changchun in the route.
Imperial art of China today
Like own last owner, the palace shows only a pale shadow of former magnificence of pravitelsky China – a pity miniature of the Beijing Illegal city, despite that has been constructed on canons on which the culture and art of China leant. After all, to it at first it was assigned a part to a temporary monastery of the governor – before the completion of construction of its palace on Kultury Square. On walls of a palace Pu I. photo hang To them in Chinese, but the general concept of an exposition it is simple to guess signatures on Pu’s dummies And and his spouses: it reclines on a sofa, smoking opium, and her spouse lovely talks to the Japanese general. Photo exhibits in a back part of a structure throw light on many secrets including on what were culture and traditions of China during this period, recreate documentary history of cruel invasion and board of Japanese. Surely examine the recreated Japanese garden – one of the most quiet corners of Changchun.

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