Dunbey Dandun. To satisfy hunger cheap dishes in China

will allow Dunbey Dandun. To satisfy hunger cheap dishes in China

Though what acquaintance to local culture begins with a campaign in restaurant – China, one of the most starenky countries of the world, impresses with authenticity of culinary traditions of each province. To Restoranyv Dandun are aimed at vacationers coming here for weekend and usually offer the guests of a dish from fresh fish and the Korean foods. To try local river fish луцзыйю invites restaurant of Chinese cuisine of Donghai Yucun, to the West from the bridge through Yalu Jiang in the house No. 42, the case E (structures on the embankment are designated by signs). As to the price, cheap dishes in China move with sticky rice, soup, bread and trickled pastries; the dinner for two will manage in V70. On these one quotations it is possible to judge that, how many there is a rest in China, and to behold that it is absolutely inexpensive. Also on the embankment it is possible to try the Korean barbecue (all V10) in Taiba Shakao Dion (the house No. 15, the case B). On the contrary жд the station there is Sun Dining Hall No. 2 – there excellent on taste and cheap dishes from noodles.
To begin morning it is possible from the latest North Korean television news in Hong Kong Coffee House (the house No. 32, the case D) where strong coffee in Korean costs to V20. To drink beer Qi Jing Jie, opposite to post office is possible in Wooden Guitar Bar round the corner. Not bad bochkovy beer in China costs to CNY 15; besides there often pass musical representations.

Rounds to China from Moscow which are offered by the Russian tour operators, will allow not only to get acquainted with culture of the East, well and guarantee safety of tourists in the unfamiliar country.