Дунбэй Girin. Restaurants in China – we choose in Girin. The tourist map of China gratuitously – to travellers on a note.

Дунбэй Girin. Restaurants in China - we choose in Girin. The tourist map of China gratuitously - to travellers on a note.

Costs for a taxi in China
If you at heart the single also look through in the catalogue personal rounds to China, the best place to you, than Girin, hardly it is possible to find. The small girinsky airport is located in 33 km to the northwest from the city; to the centre by a taxi you will reach for CNY 50. In borders of the city of a trip by a taxi in China will manage to you in CNY 5. Central жд the station and road service station are near the northern river bank. Keep in mind that from Changchun with comfort to reach to many other occupied пт and reserved places in the northeast.
The Internet in China – excellent communication on reasonable price
If you are involved by Chanbayshan, it is necessary to address in CITS (0432/2492978, 2430690), located before Dongguan Hotel. Responses of tour operators and the tourists who are quite often buying rounds to China, say about reliability and marvellous service of this hotel. More full range of services Intun Turist provides «The companies» (0432/4842256, 4842296) on the 5th floor of Milky Way hotel. In an office are hung out train schedule and flights. This agency will organise country excursions and ski rounds that, undoubtedly, will be to liking for whom the trip to China without the aid of others (out of tourist group) is an and best rest, and an adventure. Main office «Bank оЧайна» (ежедн.; 08. 00-17. 00) and mail churches and Dongguan Hotel are located the friend opposite to the friend, on Jilin Dajie, slightly to the north of the bridge. Some Internet cafes are near a crossroads of Chungqing Jie, the road running in the northeast direction from mail to жд of the station, from Shanghai Lu Street. The Internet in China, by estimates of users, is very available and inexpensive.
Luxury or availability. We travel according to the tourist map of China
Dongguan hotel on Jiang Wan Lu, 2 (0432/2454272; О) compensates some neglect the central location. Is more comfortable отельJilin International on Zhongxing Jie, 20 (0432/2929818, 2556161), directly before жд station. In the same place it is possible to find and excellent restaurant of Chinese cuisine. The most magnificent hotel in the city – with a dance hall – is Milky Way standing to the west of, on Songjiang Lu, 97 (0432/4841780, 4841621). It is also located very much with comfort, in the neighbourhood there is a branch «Bank оф Chayna». Consider that this hotel is aimed at reception of tourist groups, and places in it it can not appear. Many prefer to stop in Traffic Hotel on Zhongkang Lu, 6 (0432/2556859;), located for Jilin International. Angel Hotel on Nanjing Jie, 2 (0432/2481848 is slightly better;) near Church church, at the main North southern Jilin Dajie Road. In any of hotels gratuitously tourist map of China is on sale or given. Some eminent restaurants are located on Chongqing Jie. These restaurants are known among tourists as the best restaurants in China. Among them – Dongfangjiaozi Wang to the South from Jilin International hotel where guests treat to excellent trickled pastries.

Those who prefer to travel by train, for certain will like rounds to China from Vladivostok.