Hebei and Tianjin Round Shihchiachuang. Chzhaochzhoutsyao – the beautiful bridge in China

Hebei and Tianjin Round Shihchiachuang. Chzhaochzhoutsyao - the beautiful bridge in China

In 30 km to the southwest from Shihchiachuang costs Tsanjyanshansa (ежедн.; 09. 00-16. 00; V40), based at a dynasty Put and Cin reconstructed during an era. This smart monastic complex looks very vividly against bright circles. A monastery угнездился on an abrupt slope of the mountain, at height in some hundred foots over the earth, at top of the bridge thrown through a rocky crevice. Two main monastic structures are sustained in style of architecture of an era Put – topped with picturesque double roofs, they stand in an environment of well-groomed gardens. To reach them it is possible in two hours on a twisting mountain footpath. For those who carries out rest in China in the summer, here from Shihchiachuang minibuses (V13 go; 2 h. 30 minutes) . To reach here in other season, you should reach at first by the bus from station of buses of distant following to Tszinsin’s village; to overcome the remained 10 km to you the motor-rickshaw will help. In the winter the footpath conducting to a monastery, happens is impassable because of plentiful snow.
Chzhaochzhoutsyao (ежедн.; 09. 00-16. 00; CNY 25), located in 40 km to the southeast from Shihchiachuang, – moderate, but the elegant bridge in China, the VII century constructed first, – makes constant reminiscence, in particular on architects and engineers. The bridge is actually at the border of the small town Chzhaosyanya where from Shihchiachuang regular buses go. Li Chun who has constructed it had to solve difficult difficulties: the bridge should be rather flat that on it could pass chariots of imperial army, and to a descent not so low that it was destroyed by frequent floods. At the same time the bridge leaning on soft pound of river coast, should be rather strong to sustain military and trading columns. Whether the decision was simple, as all tremendous: the starenky designer has thrown through the river an integral arch in length more than 36 m and height of only 7 m. This masterpiece for which the history of architecture of China is famous, served as the model for 10-ov stone bridges in Northern China, still serves people.

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