Heshunsyans village. Sleeping natural Chinese fortresses

In 5 km to the West from the city, on Fanshoula, there is Heshunsyan – the village in style of an era Cin, in an environment of which whitewashed walls beautiful memorial gate, decorative gardens and about 1000 houses closely have crowded. The village prospers at the expense of successful former inhabitants, many of which have grown rich, having emigrated for the sea, having developed there the Chinese business, and since then diligently invest in an accomplishment of the small homeland. And your trip to China will pleasantly be tightened here on half-day, and even it is more, with a camera in hands. In particular Yuanluntan – a pond framed with pavilions and decorated with a water-mill is picturesque. Is in the village and where тормознуть to a lodging for the night – having passed the bridge, turn on it is left and go on the road that bends around a hillock, to «Inhabitant Hotel» index.
The family living in this nice house, hands over some rooms. but bathroom the general. Geological motions for the last 50 million years have bared some hot springs near Tenchun. It is most easier to reach to Zhekhaya (»The hot sea»), in 11 km to the southwest from the city on the way to Zhuyli where ponds Lyukhuan and Dagungo (each CNY 20), framed with narrow borders, with an ornamental paving rage in a haze of evaporations. To Zhekhaya from a stop at an intersection to Huanchennanla with the road on Zhuyli minibuses (CNY 5) go.
Fans of volcanoes should go to located in 10 km to the northwest to the village Chzhunkhe and slopes rising to the sky on 2614 m Dain-shanya or to Hoshankou, a big crater near the small town Machzhanya, to 30 km to the North from Tenchun. These are largest of a set of volcanic cones surrounding with Tenchun – sleeping, but covered with a lava of former eruptions, the real natural Chinese fortresses. Few tourists visit there. The entrance fee (CNY 20) can seem very big for simple walk on a hill with flat top, in particular if it is a trip to China without the aid of others when you estimate the currency costs more carefully.

Look at stately volcanoes the lucky who have arrived to China from Chelyabinsk can.