Information. A car rent in China – profitable business

Information. A car rent in China - profitable business

Banks «Bank оф Chayna» with the ATM is located on Sitsza. Making personal rounds to China, it is possible to save up perfectly if you realise English. The teachers of English giving personal lessons, are always necessary in Yansho – announcements are hanged in all hotels and shops on Sitsza. As a payment teachers are served often by a lodging for the night and a table though in it there is plus – there is a possibility to save up means which you, in turn, can spend for Chinese lessons.
Tourists can find in China in White Lion Xi Jie big, cheap hamburgers, a percheny beefsteak and the bananas fried in brandy. Internet access is gratuitously provided to guests of cafe if they do the order. Nearby there is a parking where there is a car hire in China. On Detsuy Tsza (Diecui Jie) there is a Hospital for Foreigners. The specialist of an Internet cafe and mail work once a day and are located on the highway. IDD phones are disseminated through all Yansho and are available in huge hotels. This information is useful to you if the trip to China without the aid of others is not to you risky action.

The best rest in China from Novosibirsk for reasonable the price.