Neil El-Minyas plain, Malawi and vicinities Suitable information Food, drinks and entertainments. Drinks of Egypt and a place where it is possible to have dinner tastefully

If you cheap rest in Egypt, the laconic review presented below about places where it is possible to have dinner and a rest cheaply interests, it is necessary by the way. When weather in Egypt not so windy, you can pleasantly admire a view of Nile, sitting at a plate of a spaghetti a bolognese on the deck of the floating restaurant Mer-maid Cafe-Restaurant moored at Cornysh Embankment. Other restaurants from which beautiful types open, are on the top floors of Lotus and Akhenaten hotels, but in Armed Forces Hotel feed better. Cheap it is possible to eat in Al-Hayek Kushari or at anonymous restaurant in the market, there tastefully prepare кебаб. Not including that, in 500 m behind a building of city administration there is KFC. Ice-cream and cakes submit in on uniqueness of a clean sweet shop of KasedKari to Medan al-Makhatta. Alcohol drinks of Egypt are in the menu of restaurants of the 3rd hotels; in Ibn Khassib – the most available Egyptian wine (20 pounds for a small bottle) and brandy. Following it on a price level – restaurant in Lotus. The glass of beer on an Aton hotel terrace overlooking Nile will manage to you in 14, the 5th pound. As to entertainments, some hotels of Egypt have specially for this purpose the well-planned district on which it is possible to pass for only 6 foots, for example, Armed Forces hotel. In this hotel there is a bowling (once a day, 9:00-24:00, 10 pounds works), squash (12 pounds), a sauna and a jacuzzi (4 pounds from the person), the fine pool (12 pounds), a cinema hall (6 pounds), a playground and a sunbed for the river.

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