Neil Filefiles plain

The peninsula File and Isida’s its temple fascinate guests since Ptolemeev when the most part of a complex has been constructed. Devout and inquisitive pulled here a cult prospering on all space of the Roman Empire up to coming of a Christian era.
The 1st Europeans, «anew opening» File in the XVIII century, could admire from afar only of. Their tests to be put ashore «have been met by cliques, threats and, eventually, copies of the locals living in ruins». But the subsequent travellers could take pleasure absolutely in contact with this ghost of a classical antiquity. «If between palm trees to us there was a procession dressed in white the priests bearing over an ark of a deity, we would not find it strange», – Amelia Edward noted.
After a construction of the first Aswan dam the risen waters have risen to the temple, flooding it on half a year, and tourists could be charmed by illusive contours of a structure under thickness of transparent water. When it became clear that construction of a new high-rise dam will lead to final flooding of File, UNESCO and the Egyptian service of antiquities have prepared tremendous operation (1972-1980) on transfer of temples on Agilik’s adjoining peninsula for what his landscape has been changed. The new temple File majestically towers among volcanic breeds as a precious ornament on regal blue of the lake, but it is more turned by a facade to the devoted Osiris to the island Biga, also its own sanctity from where resulted.