Santszyan Road. New awards of technologies China in the sphere of the railways

has proved to be Santszyan Road. New awards of technologies China in the sphere of the railways

The Santszyansky station of buses of distant following is located to the South from the river on the main road – as a reference point you will be served by the high-speed limiter on an entrance to a road bend – other indexes of station are not present. Not printsipno, at you rest in China in the summer or in other season, from station buses make quite often flights in southern (to Guilin) and northern (to Lipin and Tsuntszyan) the directions. As a final stop of local buses the terminal slightly to the north of the bridge, serves in a village body. The railways of China have found the place in this region and Santszyan costs on жд Huaykhua-Lyuchzhou’s strips; жд the station is approximately in 10 km to the northwest from the village. The arrived passengers are met by the minibuses taking them actually to the bridge.
Personal hotels of China are concentrated in a zone to the North from the river. Successful, cheap hosted Department Store Hotel simply to find according to the index in English near a stop of local buses. In 100 m to the West from the road there is Chengyang Qiao Binguan, and slightly above on the road from a stop of local buses Sanjianh Binguan is located. To the South from the river, approximately in 100 m from station of buses of distant following in Lunshen’s direction spotless and comfortable Travellers’ to the Note has taken place. At hotels small restaurants where Chinese cuisine moves work. To the North from the bridge you will find unlimited quantity of the stalls trading in foods from noodles or stewed meat with potatoes.

Rest in China from Kemerovo will begin with the airport.