The plain of Nile Aswan dams the High-rise dam (Al-Sadd al-Ali) Visit of a high-rise dam

The high-rise dam is in 13 km from Aswan. On it it is possible to move in though what time with 7. 00 to 17. 00. All passengers of cars should pay 5 pounds of road collecting. Perhaps, passports will ask to show them. The western arrival on a dam has the Soviet-Egyptian memorial – a giganteky tower in the form of the lotus flower, constructed as a symbol of cooperation and the benefits brought by a dam. That and another is shown on the heroic bas-relief executed in style of a socialist realism. Highly located observation deck by which it is necessary to rise on the lift, contains to a descent only 4 guests. Here it is possible to look, as concrete of which the dam is constructed crumbles, and to test an attack of dizziness. About east end of a dam there is a pavilion for guests (once a day, 7:00-17:00), which keeper will unlock, having received a baksheesh. Among exhibits there is a pyatnadtsatimetrovy model of a dam, plans of its construction (on Russian and Arab) and the selection of a photo telling about moving of Abu-Simbela.
If you do not ask, that you have brought to a tower (бург) or models (мекат), the taxi will simply stop on the dam middle in order that you could make laconic survey. From this tremendous position the dam height (111 metres) is heavy for estimating because of its protection, but the length (3830 metres) and width in the top part (40 metres) at width of the basis (980 metres) do reminiscence. From the southernmost tip of a dam you can behold Kalabsha’s temple behind the lake Naser. The big 2100-megavattny power plant located on east coast and channels on which water gets to Nile are to the north visible. Over them clubs of a fog which are cut periodically by a rainbow always hang. Further down on the river among group of islands File lies.
Because it is forbidden to foreigners to use share taxis in Aswan, the unique type of public transport going to a high-rise dam, there is a train with cars of the third class (each hour with 6 goes. 00 to 16. 00; 1 pound) which goes to Saad al-Ali’s being in 5 kilometres from east end of a dam about the mooring station where the ferry to Vadi-Half, and the cruising vessels making trips on the lake Naser insert on page 479 and below) stops. Here it is authorised to tourists who have descended on the coast to take a share taxi to Aswan (a stop near the station; 1, 5th pound).